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One day with social workers showed Fatima Whitbread how much the care system had changed

It’s a warm summer’s day when I meet Fatima, in the offices of Essex County Council. We are here for her to meet social workers and take part in the ‘It’s My Life’ festival, a week-long event for children in care held by the council at Danbury Country Park. She’s dressed for a day of outdoor activities, and her yellow Action for Children top with cycling shorts and trainers are hard to miss. She is an ambassador for the charity, having run the London Marathon 2023, and continues to fundraise in

Palliative care social work: 'this is proper social work, this is what I trained to do'

To some, at first glance, working in a hospice might seem a gloomy place to practise social work.

However, Wendy Ashton, joint education lead at the Association of Palliative Care Social Workers (APCSW), believes social work in palliative care is about celebrating life rather than focusing on death.

“This is proper social work, this is what I trained to do. I don’t mean that to be demeaning of any other social work but it is totally different,” she says.

Palliative care, usually given in a ho

Social work in schools: an opportunity to change perceptions

“I thought they were rude people who interfered in people’s lives, but obviously not. I think they want to help people,” says a student, from a secondary school in a London borough, when asked what she thought about social workers.

The school is in one of the local authorities taking part in the Social Workers In Schools (SWIS) programme.

Social workers are often viewed in a negative light by the general public and can experience hostility from service users. One of the benefits of the SWIS pr

Social work in prisons: 'it's not what you think'

“I really take a lot of pleasure in seeing people go from being in a very distressed position, not being able to cope, not managing, not thinking things are worthwhile, giving up, to seeing them progress to where they are – thriving, if you like, which is a strange thing in this place,” says Glynis Marsh, a practice educator who works at a prison for male sex offenders.

“They’ve overcome some of the difficulties and are really trying to make something of their lives, which is very rewarding.”

How volunteers are doing essential work to help refugees

“She is a superwoman,” said Sudanese refugee Moe about 45-year-old teaching assistant, Zeenat Bibi.

Charities and volunteers are helping Moe, and other refugees, with necessities, not only through the pandemic, but through the longest wait of their lives. Those seeking asylum in the UK are placed in temporary accommodation, moved around for months, if not years, just to have their cases heard.

When 33-year-old Moe arrived in England three months ago, he was initially placed in a hotel in Croyd

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Inspirations in Bali

Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Bali is a destination which aims to mesmerise everyone that touches its shores. Hundreds of kilometres of sandy beaches encircles mountainous regions, waterfalls, forests, wildlife and volcanoes.

Whilst part of Indonesia, Balinese culture is very different from the rest of Indonesia. Bali is enriched by the influences of Hinduism which means temples with intricate carvings can be found at every turn. The Balinese are extremely spiritual, whether it’s a restau


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